Thai Starters

1. Traditional Thai Prawn Crackers. £2.90

2. Moo Yang. Marinated Pork, barbecued & served with Spicy Chilli Sauce. £6.90

3. Satay Gai / Chicken Satay. Marinated Chicken, barbecued & served with Peanut Sauce. £6.90

4. Tempura. Squid, Kg Prawn or Veg, battered and deep fried, with Sweet Chilli or Plum Sauce.
Squid or King Prawn £7 | Veg £6.50

5. Tod Mun Pla/Thai Fish Cakes. Traditional Thai Fish Cake. Served with Sweet Chilli Sauce. £6.50

6. Thai Spring Rolls. Vegetables and Glass Noodles wrapped in Spring Roll pastry, with Plum Sauce.  £6.50

7. Chicken Wings. Deep fried Chicken Wings & Thighs with Garlic and Black Pepper. £7.00

7.1 Roasted Pork Spare Ribs in Honey £9.50

7.2 Thai BBQ Beef Served with Thai spicy chilli sauce £10.50

7.3 Thai Squid BBQ Served with Thai spicy chilli sauce £8.50

7.4 Dim Sum Steamed to pefection, servered with garlic amd dark sauce £6.90