Wine List

Red Wine

Campo Vieja Tempranillo
Smooth & Mellow
Fruity with notes of strawberry and subtle creamy vanilla oak.
Great withspanish style stews Light C
Bottle £17.00
Small Bottle £4.90

LGD Vin de paysd'oc Merlot
Smooth & Mellow
Rich bramble fruit and juicy plum flavours combined with velvety smooth tannins.
Perfect with beef casserole Light C
Bottle £14.00
Small Bottle £4.50

White Wine

Moguigan Estate Chardonnay
Soft & Fruity
Tropical fruit aromas and notes of citrus with warm butter oak hints.
Great with turkey or chicken
Bottle £14.00
Small Bottle £4.50

Stamp of Australia 1853
Dry white wine
Bottle £13.00
Small Bottle £4.50

Extra Dry
Bottle £19.00
Small Bottle £4.90

Echo Falls White Zinfandel
Fresh. Dry 4.
Bottel £14.00
Small Bottle £4.50

Rose Wine

Mondelli Pinot Grigio Blush Veneto
Dry & crisp, freshand delicatewith ripe strawberries and a crispmineral finish
Great withsummer salads. Dry 2.
Bottle £13.90
Small Bottle £4.00

Gallo Family GrenacheCalifornia
Sweet & fruity. Raspberry and cherry - packed withsubtle floral notes and spicy hints.
Great withchilli crab. Dry 4.
Bottle £13.90
Small Bottle £4.50